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K&B BU annual meeting in Madrid

The PGF 2016 brings together more than 30 people for 3 days in Madrid

Attendance of all Regional Managers of Kitchen and Bath and the responsible for Teka, Küppersbusch, Intra and Mofem

Presentation of all new products for 2016.


Attendees pose for group photo

Kitchen and Bath Business Unit held its annual Product meeting (PGF). The event, held in Madrid, had more than 30 people representing all regions of the world where Teka operates. In addition, and  present for the first time, were also present those responsible for the different brands: Teka, Küppersbusch, Intra and Mofem.

Throughout the three-day meeting product managers of each product family presented the major developments to be launched over the coming months. Also, different aspects of the business unit where discussed according to each markets situation.

Meanwhile, Pedro Cuerda, Product director  and Pablo Rodriguez, Industrial Director presented the development plans and upcoming milestones to be completed in 2016.

In the agenda was also a dedicated schedule for marketing including both Teka and Küppersbusch where the positioning of each brand and product categorization began to be reflected for the development of the annual International Catalog corresponding to 2017.

Martin Beck, CEO of Kitchen and Bath who was present at all sessions, closed the meeting by speaking of the achievements of the Business Unit in recent years and the change developed towards teamwork that has allowed us to meet gradually  the goals set at the end of 2012.