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SPA Washing machines & dryers Video release

Our premium appliance in washing has its own video in the Teka channel on Youtube

Our High-end Washing machine SPA has earned its spot in the Teka corporate channel on YouTube, the social network reference for videos.

spa 1

Almost a one and a half a minute presenting all the main advantages and brand style of this unique product.SPA VIDEO 2016

The SPA washing machine automatically turns the power of water to wash in premium performance. The strength of the door, one of the largest market; the force of its white display and exceptional technology makes this appliance a benchmark in its class.

It also has the Woolmark certificate, a seal of approval that ensures wools washed with a SPA are cared for as much as if they were handwashed.

The softcare drum deserves specal attention. Designed with the most advanced in fluid dynamics by computer, it obtains  the smoothest way to break the water resistance to penetrate the tissues. The result is reflected in an increased clothing care, prolonging its life.

In the corporate TEKAGROUP YOUTUBE ,please find all the videos of our brand available in any of the languages ​​in which we operate.