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​K&B exhibits at the Hungarian Kitchenshow fair in Budapest

Teka and Küppersbusch together in an 80 Sq m booth at the Budapest Arena.

22/02/2016. The Kitchenshow fair is the only thematic Kitchen exhibition in Hungary. The fair includes kitchen and household appliances, furniture and all types of kitchen accessories. The event presents a unique opportunity to everyone who’s planning on improving their kitchen to examine the full range of possibilities in fine detail.

Budapest Teka
The duration of the fair will be three days starting on March 4th having its conclusion on March 6th.These 3 days will be filled with multiple attractions for the visitors such as show cooking, product functionality, cooking workshops and much more.

The main focus for Teka will be the Ebon ovens, sinks and the taps & shower’s displays as well as a very appealing cooking show by Szilárd Majsa. Along with the cooking shows there will be an interactive program with the involvement of the audience. One of the most famous Hungarian DJ (Hamvai PG) will visit the fair on Saturday and he will be helping the Chef, while speaking about his weight- loss by leading a healthy life & diet.

For Küppersbush the individual line will be the main protagonist as well as the Hot Chili line.Around 400 hungarian Teka and Küppersbusch partners have been invited to the exhibition. The booth follows the main brand guidelines provided and maintain the positioning as well as the look & feel of each brand.

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