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New Operations and Financial Directors in Teka - Kaiping

Miguel López Hecho and Uwe Olivella  have been appointed  Directors of Operations and Financial respectively at the faucets factory located in the city of Kaiping, China.

These appointments reinforce the management structure of the Teka Group at the factory in Kaiping.

Miguel López Hecho, Spain, 1963, is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Zaragoza.

He had already been a part of Teka  between 1993 and 2003, in charge of R & D Competence Center for ovens, at the factory located in Zaragoza.

As manager of new product development carried out the integration of R & D teams Küppersbusch and then Lackey society. He also commissioned the development of a new range of ovens and the process of ISO 9001 and 1400 certification.

Much of his career has also been developed in the Franke Group, both in Spain and Industrial Manager and then Director of Operations, as in India and Switzerland. In the latter, he held the position of Global Director of Operations for Special Projects.

Miguel López Hecho, will work Teka facilities in Kaiping, China.


Meanwhile, Uwe Olivella, who joined in 2014 Teka through SPAs in Italy, will be the new head of the administrative and financial management and economic control of the factory in Kaiping.

Uwe holds a degree in Business Administration and comes from the field of auditing to a position of senior auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers.