Teka Group Business

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    This is the largest business unit and one of the leading manufacturers of built-in home appliances and stainless steel sink units. Its brand names are Teka, Küppersbusch, Intra and Thor.
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    This unit produces and distributes kitchen and bathroom faucets and all kinds of accessories both for homes and communities. It markets its products under the Teka, Mofém and Intra brand names.
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    Professional kitchens
    This unit manufactures and markets an extensive kitchen and catering equipment line for restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and airports under the Teka, Küppersbusch and Kek brand names.
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    Teka’s containers can be found around the globe. Portinox manufactures beverage containers and UCON produces large, specialized, stainless steel industrial containers.
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    Porcelain enamel
    This unit operates through Vitrogar. Its core business is the vitrification of steel and cast iron used mainly for oven interior enameling and thermal power plant refrigeration.