The smartest way to cook quickly and successfully

Award-winning cooking columns: 

Teka has developed one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, vertically-installed microwave ranges, its lastest, stylish Advand and Ebon appliances, awarded the Delta Adi-Fad industrial accolade for their meticulous, sleek design.

Meticulously-combined, easy-to-clean appearance: 

All Teka's stainless steel microwaves are manufactured in fingerprint-resistant steel that is of the same type and boast the same colour scheme as the rest of Teka's electrical appliance range. This means that the appearance of Teka's ovens and microwaves is perfectly combined so that your kitchen always looks spic-and-span.

Exquisite cooking:

With their Forced Ventilation System, Teka's microwaves enhance cooking results and reduce compartment condensation. Their Double Wave Exit feature distributes heat evenly inside the food on emitting microwaves from two different points, minimising cold areas.

Crunch Function

The ferrite toasting plate located avbove the turntable and integrated into our compact microwaves guarantees crisp food and even cooking. It is a simple, healthy way to cook where you can fry all kinds of foodstuffs using just one spoonful of oil. 

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Ceramic bases, exquisite cooking

Here at Teka, in several of our models, we have replaced glass turntables with ceramic bases that not only let you cook faster and save energy, but the cooking area is also more spacious and the compartment is easier to clean. 

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All Teka's 18-litre, integrated microwaves include a front trim kit that is easy to install and uninstall. As it is fitted onto the microwave instead of the cabinet, the assembly process in your kitchen is much faster and simpler and requires fewer components. 

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