Compact and steam ovens

Space efficiency combined with large oven robustness

Their size is their strength: 

Teka's compact ovens deliver all the possibilities of a conventional oven in a height of just 45 cm, allowingendlessspace-saving instalation and design options in your kitchen. 

Environmentally friendly: 

The cavities of Teka's compact ovensenable them toreach desired temperatures quickly so your dishes are ready even faster. Energy and time saving that makes Teka's ovens one of the most efficient on the market.  

Steam ovens, your health's best ally: 

Teka's compact ovens let your cook healthlly with no flavour loss. Their exclusive hot air and water vapour combination not only maintains each food's original flavour but also preservesists texture and colur properties. 

Combi: ovens + microwaves

Teka’s combination ovens deliver the regular features of Teka’s multi-function ovens combined with the benefits of its microwaves. A 2-for-1, where a powerful grill and 1,500 W turbo resistance guarantee great performance and speed when cooking food.

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Top chefs’ favourite accessory

Our warmingplate module is an indispensable accessory for cuisine lovers, allowingthe preparation of recipes whose doneness, texture and creativityare perfect every time. It also keeps food hot until serving, makes yoghurt, defrosts foods and even lets you roast at low temperatures.

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Teka, coffee machine, stainless steel coffee machine, integrated steel natural grain coffee grinder, coffee expert, coffee machine CML 45

The pleasure of freshly ground coffee

Teka has developed a coffee machine for coffee experts. With a design in keeping with Teka’s other electrical appliances, it makes freshly ground coffee thanks to its integrated steel natural grain coffeegrinder. It also features 13 different grinding positions and 30 automatic programmes.

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