Tested under the toughest conditions: your home

Extremely quiet:

The sound of Teka dishwashers is always below 49 decibels; lower noise emissions than those produced by a normal conversation. Don’t let your dishwasher ruin your siesta!

More in less space:

Our diverse array of dishwashers lets you choose your model according to your space requirements. The LP 140 compact dishwasher delivers the same features as its larger counterparts -deferred programming, digital display, quick wash programme, A+ rating- in less space. 

Energy saving:

The Eco programme is ideal for slightly soiled disware or when your dishwasher is only half full. Its lower water and power consumption make it an environmentaly friendlier programme. 

Third rack

The new LP8 850 and DW7 67 Fi are fitted with a third rack, furnishing these dishwashers with greater load flexibility. This third rack can be arranged in 4 different ways depending on your needs. For example in a two-height load you can lower one hafl for high glasses and use the other for cutlery or coffe cups. 

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Deferred programming

Teka dishwashers allow you to delay the beginning of a programme to meet your needs. They also memorise deferred running if there’s a power failure and restart with the same parameters and from the position they stopped at. Your dishes ready whenever you need! 

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Taking care of your family

The Hygene Programme is a special programme for washing feeding bottles and dishware with only one wash and one rinse at 70ºC, delivering greater hygiene for your loved ones. Acuastop cuts off the water supply if there’s a leakage. Teka dishwashers detect any leak, both inside and in the water inlet pipe, ensuring your dishwasher is 100% safe.

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