Teka induction: fast, userfriendly and energy efficient

Induction: cleaner, safer and effort free

Teka's induction hobs are user friendly, easy to clean and save electricity. Manufactured to ensure you only use the energy you need, they reduce cooking time and keep the surface cool and safe. 

Sustainable hobs: 

Teka's induction hobs enable you to reduce the overall power of your cooktop ensuring max energy precision to meet your needs with no efficiency loss. 

Space: 30% more cooking surface 

Teka has developed its range of Space induction hobs so that they perform better than any other hob on distributing the heat consistently and continuosly across the entire cooktop surface. Latest generation technology that allows you to use really large pots or several small ones at the same time as space limiations are no longer an issue! 

iQuick Boiling

We’ve developed an exclusive boiling point control system for Teka’s induction hobsthat allows max power to be used once the pot has been detected so heating is speeded up and cooking time is reduced. Once the boiling point has been reached, it is kept constant to control energy consumption.

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Touch Control Slider

Teka’s induction hobs are fitted with Touch Control Sliders (TCS) that enable you to control the temperature of each heat source accurately and efficiently just by sliding your finger. Any temperature change is instant andyou can set a zone at the desired power with one slick movement.

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Cookware Optimisation System

Teka has developed a smart pot detection system in both its induction and its ceramic hobs. A ground-breaking mechanism, exclusive to the Teka range, which ensures delivery of the power level selected by the user in each cooking zone, regardless of pot type, guaranteeing your food is cooked at the ideal temperature!  

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